Di (Per)

Angel who works on the 4th story in Bridgeside Heights. Too considerate for her own good.


Gender: Woman

Skin: Angel

Look: Short; compact body; utility wear (overalls, black t-shirt under them); quick eyes, haggard face, very short black hair; around 27.


Total Hx: -2 Cybelle, 0 to Smokey

Special Moves: Battlefield Grace. “Can work on on patient like a savvyhead on tech.”


Di owns an infirmary, Focus on the Family, in Bridgeside Heights on the 4th story – just high enough to escape the floodwaters every year, but not without sweating about it a little. Her parents moved into the city when she was a child but died in the flood their first year. Amateurs.

As a runt she made a living on the street, picking up random skills along the way until Tooms found her, picked her up by her scruff, and apprenticed her as one of the Shrike’s many Angels. Then he got himself killed and Di inherited his place with the understanding that she would give the Shrikes discounts, extra services, and to be on call for their people above all others.

Di (Per)

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